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For as much as Isaac Dunbar writes about life and love from the perspective of a Gen-Z city-dwelling creative savant, he also just wants you to cut loose on the dancefloor. He takes the decadent “more-is-more” maximalism of twenty-tens pop and shocks it back to life with fierce theatricality, disco je ne sais quoi, and timeless rockstar swagger.

Born to an Italian mom and Liberian father, he frequently moved around as a kid, yet still managed to anchor himself to music. During high school, he ignited his rise with a string of viral successes. Signing to RCA Records before even getting his driver’s license, he tallied hundreds of millions of streams across EPs such as isaac’s insects [2020] and evil twin [2021].

Powered up by “Bleach” and “Tainted Love,” he really took flight on Banish The Banshee [2022]. Inciting widespread critical applause, The FADER praised, “Dunbar’s vocal gymnastics craft a compelling narrative laying out the character arc of a villain whose biggest battle is internal,” and Billboard affirmed, “Whichever mode you prefer, Dunbar has a little something for everyone on this stellar new project.” LADYGUNN urged, “All hail the new voice: Isaac Dunbar.”

Chronicling an unforgettable stint in New York City, the 21-year-old Rhode Island-born and Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer makes music you can dance to anywhere (like no one’s looking) on his 2024 EP, Beep Beep Repeat via RCA Records, heralded by “Apartment A,” “Backseat Girl,” and more.

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